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Baby Devaney Has Arrived!

This will be short and sweet because I am exhausted but I couldn’t wait to share the news with you guys!

On the morning of Saturday, September 22nd, our third little miracle arrived!

Sidney Devaney was born at the Lois Hole Hospital, weighing in at 9 lbs 7 oz! No wonder I was so uncomfortable in the last few months of this pregnancy! Our two girls were on the bigger side as well, but their baby brother takes the cake!

We chose the name Sidney in memory of Connor’s mom who passed away nearly a year ago. She lived in Sidney, B.C. for many years before moving back to Edmonton last May for health reasons. The seaside town on Vancouver Island was Claudia’s favourite place, and she felt so lucky to be able to wake up by the ocean every morning.

When our baby boy was born and we shared the exciting news with Connor’s aunt, we were surprised to learn that there is also a family connection to the name Sidney; it was Claudia’s grandfather’s name. In that moment, it just felt like she had sent us a sign 🙂

Sidney was also high on our list because it’s a unisex name. As most of you know, we decided to switch things up and not find out the gender this time around. What an awesome decision that was. It’s really hard initially to keep it a surprise but as the weeks went on, anticipation kept building and it made the whole birth experience even more special.

Growing up with three sisters, and having two daughters of his own, I know Connor was excited at the prospect of having a little more testosterone in the house, and it happened! The last time I saw my husband this excited was when Connor McDavid got drafted by the Oilers (he was doing high kicks in our living room!!!)

On my end, I am going through a bit of a grieving process, knowing that all those cute little sleepers, dresses and shoes I had saved – and hoped to use again – will now officially go to a new home. There are so many fond memories attached to the girly baby items and clothes I had tucked away, thinking they might be passed down to a third girl. That’s the only part that makes me a bit sad… if that makes any sense at all.

But… I am super pumped to raise a BOY and to see how he will change and strengthen our family dynamic. What a blessing he is, and I welcome the new adventures he will bring!

Sidney is now home with us and he’s already sparked several fights between the girls, over who gets to hold him first. Between that and his incessant hunger, the chaos of our now party of five has already settled in!

Stay tuned for more updates!