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Gaining Sidney, Losing Scooby

Yes, it’s true. WE GAVE AWAY OUR DOG. Ugh. Dog lovers gonna hate…

More on that in a second, but first:

I love how I created this blog site as an outlet to write, yet I never get the chance to sit down and actually do it. The last time I was on here was to announce the birth of our baby boy Sidney. It’s hard to believe that was four months ago already! What’s harder to believe is that I haven’t died of sleep deprivation yet! Oy! We are just about to start sleep training and I could not be happier. It is TIME.

Sidney is so chill and content during the day, and he smiles at anyone who makes eye contact with him. I even caught him grinning at a house plant the other day.

But at night, he can’t seem to sleep longer than two or three hours in a row. On a really bad night, I can be up with him 10 times!! He’s just all over the place. We usually start him off in his bassinet, then he moves to the swing, then our bed, then the bassinet again, then back in the swing, then our bed. We can’t really blame Sidney though; we brought this on ourselves. We created bad habits (swinging, rocking, co-sleeping) because we’ve been desperate for sleep ourselves. It also doesn’t help that we sprint into his room every time he cries because we’re so afraid he’ll wake up the two girls. (They now share a room so when one wakes up, you can guarantee the other will be up too!)

Anyway, where was I going with this? Whatever. Point is, Sidney has been awesome overall and I’m actually obsessed with having A) a newborn and B) a boy. I smother him and kiss him constantly. Guaranteed his face stinks like saliva 24/7. Obsessed.

The question I get the most from people is how am I managing with three kids. This is how I see it. When you have your first child, you’re like… ‘WHOA, this is nuts, I’m overwhelmed, I have no time to myself, I’m tired, I’m just dying to shower’, blah blah blah. Then you have a second child and you think… ‘Man, one was so easy, why did I ever complain??? Now I feel like I’m actually drowning some days’. And THEN you have a third baby and overnight you realize… ‘OK no. I was wrong. Having TWO children was not that hard. Why did it feel so hard???’

You guys. I could run errands with two kids ALL. DAY. LONG now. Piece of cake. Doing anything with two is a breeze compared to having all three.

My point is, it’s all relative and you just ADAPT (like adapting to the fact that you’ll never get to go to the bathroom by yourself).

A big part of adapting for us has meant lowering expectations. We might have an extra human to care for but there are still only 24 hours in a day! Something’s gotta give, whether it’s buying more pre-made meals, or skipping the dog’s walk several days in a row or having greasy hair… also for several days in a row.

My sister-in-law must have anticipated the impending chaos that three children would bring because just a few weeks before Sidney was born, she kindly offered to take in our dog and look after her until Christmas. It was a huge relief for us because we were really struggling to keep up with Scooby’s energy level and – quite frankly – felt annoyed with her 90% of the time. It sounds so harsh but Scooby has developed all these weird fears with age, she loves to pee and poo in the house, and she tries to attack any dog that’s within a 1-mile radius of her. She’s just… a lot to handle when your plate is already full.

So fast-forward three months and, well, Scooby’s foster home became a permanent home.

My sister-in-law fell in love with our dog, and we fell in love with the freedom of not having a dog.

Giving away Scooby – our first ‘baby’ – has been bittersweet for us, and I’m sure some people will judge us for the decision we made. That’s totally fine. But hanging on to her would have been for selfish reasons, instead of what’s ACTUALLY best for her.

We find comfort in knowing that she’s still in the family, that we can see her whenever we want, and that she’s much happier being the queen of the castle once again in her new home. She deserves it. She’s such a sweet, loving dog… but we simply could no longer give her the time and affection she needed.

When we made the adoption ‘official’ we agreed that our family would get first dibs on babysitting Scooby. So, just like that, the damn dog was back at our house for the first two weeks of January!!

I have to say, it was great having her around again and watching the kids play with her (‘Scooby is exciting again’ kind of thing). But when my sister-in-law came back from vacation, I was more than happy to watch those two lovebirds drive off into the sunset.

Of course, I have moments where I miss da little Scooby – like when food gets dropped on the floor dozens of times a day – but then all I have to do is look out our kitchen window, at the massive pile of frozen dog sh*t in my backyard, and then I think… ‘I’m good!’