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Mommy Mocktail!

This blog post is a little different from the others on my site, but I thought it was an important one to write and share.

I was approached by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to write a blog post and create a ‘mocktail’ in support of its campaign on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  This is a partnership I’m proud to be a part of, especially after having gone through two pregnancies.

The key message the AGLC wants to get across is that even small amounts of alcohol, at any time during a pregnancy, can put your unborn baby at risk of FASD. Zero alcohol, means zero risk. Part of the campaign includes the launch of a new website to better educate expecting moms who might be misinformed about the effects of drinking while pregnant.

I’ll be honest, not having an alcoholic drink for 9 months was hard at times, especially on warm summer days. Whether I was at home or at the restaurant, I always found myself drinking the same old thing: Perrier. The excitement of fizzy water fizzled out pretty fast let me tell you!

I think the key is to get creative when you’re craving a cocktail! So… I thought I’d share a special ‘mocktail’ that’s not only super simple to make, it’s also super safe for baby.

The prep time is less than 5 minutes but when you have a little ‘helper’ who wants to touch and eat everything, it takes a little longer!!


BANANAS for Baby!

3 cups of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice

3 bananas

2 cups of lemon sherbet or gelato

1 cup of crushed ice


img_9214 img_9223

Puree bananas in a blender or food processor. Then, in a pitcher, combine the bananas, the grapefruit juice, the lemon gelato and the crushed ice. Stir and drink immediately!

img_4380 image4


I love this mocktail because it’s fun to drink and it also helps satisfy your sugar cravings (which I had during both pregnancies!!)

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