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Fitness Challenge: Weeks 2 & 3!

Yay!! One week down, 7 to go… ugh!

Ok so just to switch it up, and to save myself a bit of time, I’ve decided to include the mini-workouts for weeks 2 and 3 in a single blog post.

That way, if you want to alternate between them over the next two weeks, or even pair them together for a longer workout, you can do that! Try to incorporate week 1‘s mini-workout into the rotation as well!

So, just to recap the first week… I feel good after making time for 3 workouts. Here are a few tricks that helped me meet my goal. One night, I did the kids’ bath/bedtime routine in my gym clothes. When they were finally in their cribs, the fact that I just had to put on my running shoes and go down to the basement made it a whole lot easier to follow through with the workout.

On another day, I decided to hit the gym with my friend Ashley. Working out with someone is a great way to stay accountable. It’s like having an appointment; someone is waiting for you, and at a specific time. I distinctively remember thinking to myself, if I didn’t have to meet Ashley in 30 minutes, I might actually just go back to bed. (I had been up with the youngest on and off for 3 hours overnight.)

In the end I’m glad we went because we pushed our legs hard! 👇🏼


Ok I told myself I wouldn’t ramble on and here I go being all chatty Kathy.

Anyways. Week 1 was a success and I really hope it was for you too! I am loving your feedback on this! Also, if you’re just joining us now on week 2, or you didn’t get the workouts in last week, who cares. This is a new week, let go of the guilt and start fresh!

Here we go. These two new sessions can be done at home once again, which is super convenient.

Mini-workout for week 2, with a focus on core:

1. Dead bugs, 10 on each side

2. Plank hold (alternating arm extension), 20 total

3. Lateral plank hip lowers, 10 on each side

Do three sets of those core exercises BUT in between each set, perform one (or all) of the following for 30 seconds each:

-Jumping Jacks


-Split lunge jump

Here is the video:

Mini-workout for week 3 involves two circuits and requires a resistance band (see photo below). You can find one at any fitness store. I also saw some at the Superstore the other day.

Circuit 1:

1. Deadlift x 12

2. Squat to overhead press x 12

3. Uppercuts for 30 seconds

4. Butterfly sit ups x 20

Do 3-4 sets

Circuit 2:

1. Seated row x 12

2. Seated high pull x 12

3. Alternating front deltoïde raise for 30 seconds

4. Side to side butterfly sit ups x 20 total

Do 3 to 4 sets

Here is the video of both circuits:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

Good luck!