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Fitness Challenge: Weeks 4 & 5!

Congrats on making it here, if you’ve been doing the fitness challenge with me!

Some of you told me that you’ve roped your husbands and friends into doing the workouts with you, which is so awesome to hear!

Here’s a little recap of my last two weeks.

On week 2, I worried I wasn’t going to get 3 workouts in. Actually worried lol. It was Friday morning, I was complaining to my husband about still having two workouts to do. That’s when he piped up and said, go right now. Just GO! But it was 7:30am, I had stayed up late watching a show and I had also been up with the girls a few times overnight. The thought of getting dressed and going to the gym was overwhelming. I was exhausted.

Then it dawned on me…. I have a 9 months old, and a 2.5 year old… I’m going to be exhausted for the next 20 years !!!! If I wait to workout on a morning where I’m fully rested, with a spring in my step, I’m not going to sweat for years !!!!! Those days are gone baby! Welcome to having kids. You’re always going to be exhausted and you’ll always have a million other things you can do besides working out.

I reminded myself of what this fitness challenge is all about and I went for it. I did a full hour of heavy lifting at the gym, and actually felt less tired after. That workout really set the tone for the rest of my day.

The next day, I took part in Bust a Move in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation so that was my third workout!

On week 3, I worked out at LuluLemon WEM, as part of the unveiling of their new Enlite Sports Bra. It took them two years to create and design this bra. I ordered it online and I’ll let you know how it fits when I try it out. So that day I did a little sweat session at the store… but then Saturday rolled around, on the long weekend, and I still had two sweat sessions to squeeze in before the end of the week!!!! The worst!

Anyways. This blog is really keeping me accountable thank goodness so I forced myself to do two workouts back to back on Saturday and Sunday (today).

Ok, here are the new workouts for weeks 4 and 5. One needs to be done at the gym. If you don’t have a membership don’t let that be an obstacle. You can easily do a drop in, and many city gyms offer child minding if you have the kids with you. You can do it !

Workout 4:

This one involves 4 exercises that you will do 4 times. The first round you do 20 reps of each exercise, then 16, then 14, then 10.

1-Cable machine rope pulls x20, 16, 14, 10

2-Cable machine bicep curls x20, 16, 14, 10

3-Dumbbell forward lunge pulses x20, 16, 14, 10

4-Dumbbell reverse lunge to hammer curl (at the bottom) x20, 16, 14, 10

The video: 

Workout 5, with mini bands:

1-Full plank to knee drives

2-Push up to side row

3-Alternating leg lowers to arm lowers (no band)

Do 20 reps of all three exercises, for 4-5 rounds total.

The video: 

Good luck and message me with any questions !!