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Fitness Challenge: Weeks 6 & 7!

Aaaaaaaand we’re back!!!!!

I was so mad last week when my phone crapped out and I thought I had lost the rest of the workout videos I shot with Carrie as part of my 8-week fitness challenge. I’m not going to elaborate on the technological hoops I had to jump through to recover them… all that matters is that one week and several lengthy conversations with Apple support later… we are back in action!

If you’re doing this challenge with me, I hope you still managed to squeeze in three workouts in the last week, and that you’re ready to tackle week 7 with me, starting tomorrow (June 12). The end is near!!!

I still have my third sweat session to get done today but to be honest, I feel like death haha! Connor and I had a ‘grown up’ night last night (my parents are in town and babysat)  and we were up til 1:30am, yikes. But that’s what I love about this challenge… no matter how busy, tired or overwhelmed I feel, the workouts get done. Skipping them is just not an option.

Ok, I know we skipped over week 6 but I will still include the video in this post so you can make it a part of your workouts this week.

Week 6’s mini-workout was designed for the gym:

1.Medicine ball over head slams for 60 seconds

2.Medicine ball kneeling – arm/trunk rotations to side slam for 30 seconds each side

3.Medicine ball (hold over head) – lateral step overs (with box) for 60 seconds

4.Dumbbell sumo squats for 60 seconds

Here is the video:

Week 7’s mini-workout can be done at home:

1.Army crawls

2. Leg lifts

3.One dumbbell (goblet squat) to standing knee drives

4.Dumbbell lateral to front delt. raise with chest press

5. Plank: knee touches (in pike) to plank knee to elbow touches.

Reps: 20-16-14-20

Do 4 sets back to back, with little to no rest.

Here is the video:

Good luck!!! I’ll post the last mini-workout of my 8-week fitness challenge next Sunday….