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WANTED: Workout Buddies!

I’ll definitely go tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the day after. At the latest, Monday.

But then Monday comes and I still haven’t exercised.

I’m tired of sitting idle. The flat “mom ass” has got to go! And so does my attitude about working out in general…

I tend to be all in, or all out. If I can’t go hard and consistently, then there’s no point. If I don’t have a full hour to sweat, then forget it. It’s not a good mindset to have when you’re a busy mom with two kids! I have these unrealistic expectations that just don’t align with my reality, and they’re just setting me up for failure.

When I was in Florida in February, I managed to squeeze in 6 workouts in 11 days. Pretty easy when you don’t have to cook, clean and entertain your kids all day long! Getting back to exercise postpartum felt so amazing physically and mentally. I was that crazy person pedaling so fast on the elliptical it looked like I was gonna fly right off of it. I’ve been craving those good sweat sessions ever since.

Now that Amélie is eight months and our days are a little more consistent, I’ve decided it’s time to tackle the thorn in my side that is exercising BUT, with different expectations.

My good friend Carrie Habinski is helping me put together a post-natal fitness challenge. I always tell her I want her booty and her buff arms!!

Carrie is a personal trainer with Evolve Strength, and has worked with me on and off for the last 7 years (I can’t always afford her!!!) After more than a decade of chronic neck and knee problems, she completely transformed my body. I became strong, flexible and virtually free of pain.

Unfortunately, after two pregnancies, I’ve lost a lot of the muscle and strength I worked so hard to gain.

Since I struggle to get motivated, I think sharing my journey on the blog will help keep me accountable. I also hope it will motivate anyone reading this to join along. I could use some workout buddies!

So this is the plan.

Starting May 1st, I will commit to working out three times a week, for two months. To be clear, my goal is not to lose weight or get into the best shape of my life. It’s about committing to exercising, in a way that sets me up for success, not failure.

Carrie has been kind enough to put together 8 mini workouts for the blog, programmed with busy parents in mind. I will share a new one every week – along with a video – until the end of June.

Disclaimer: These are a guide, so if applicable, please check with your health care practitioner that these are all safe for you to do.

Had to get the ol’ disclaimer out of the way. Now. Along with each mini-workout, I will do two extra sessions a week, tailored to my muscle-building goals. Operation Big Booty & Biceps! On top of that, I am doing corrective exercises to help strengthen my pelvic floor and core.

I’m also keeping the expectations super low. Can’t workout for a full-hour? I’ll do 30 minutes. Can’t get to the gym? I’ll workout at home. Kids are with me all day? I’ll break up my sweat session in blocks. No matter how unconventional my workouts might be, they will get done.