Welcome To My Website!

Holy smokes! I’m doing this. I’m really doing this.

The dust has settled. I’m back to work. And I’ve adjusted to a new normal; juggling a career and a family. But it’s a hard as heck. Every day brings a new challenge, which kind of makes it fun to write about!

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate blog title than ‘Business on Top, Party on the Bottom.’ And by ‘party’… I mean chaotic, messy, busy and fun! That’s real life. What you don’t see on TV.

The truth is, I’ve been wanting to get a blog going for more than 5 years. I’ve written a few unpublished entries over the years, but never had the guts to publish the drafts. Blogging is just downright daunting.

It’s nothing like the crap I write in my journal. My thoughts can be all over the place and it doesn’t matter. There’s no fear of judgment. But blogging is public, making it hard not to self-sensor and making it easy for others to criticize.

Negative self-talk has also gotten in the way. ‘I’ll be too busy to keep up with it.’ ‘I won’t be original; everyone has a blog.’ ‘No one will care about what I have to say.’ ‘I will run out of things to talk about.’

The successful bloggers I’ve met seem to have one rule of thumb: have a theme; you’re more likely to have a loyal following. The problem is, I am a journalist. I am a generalist. I know a little… about a lot. I don’t have one dominant passion and I’m certainly not an expert at anything. Aren’t you just dying to read on?!

The point is, this writing space is just for fun. It’s not about having a big following or reinventing the wheel. It’s simply about a hobby I’ve always enjoyed doing!

CA 🙂