BUSINESS ON TOP, PARTY ON THE BOTTOM. I'm Carole Anne Devaney. I co-host the News Hour at 6 on Global Edmonton. On camera, I have to be cool, calm and collected. Off camera, my life is anything but. There's chaos, stress and plenty of messes! This is my writing space... where I share the good, the bad and the ugly about my life as a working mom.

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Carole Anne Devaney / Business on Top, Party on the Bottom.

Spare Me Your Inspirational Quotes!

You can’t help but read them… They’re everywhere; especially on social media. I’m talking about those inspirational quotes that force you to re-evaluate your entire existence. Here are a few that come to mind: “The person who goes the farthest…

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I Used To Be Fun!

“I used to be fun!” That’s what my friend Laurel said to me recently. “Meeeeeee too!!” “I know, I was there!” Laurel is the Family Matters reporter with Global Edmonton. We’ve been best friends since we met in university at…

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I’m Grateful For…

… a lot of things in my life but tonight, I’m particularly grateful for the incredible day I had with my two little girls. ‘I’…. just had a day without bedlam! I still can’t quite believe it. No one had…

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Mommy Mocktail!

This blog post is a little different from the others on my site, but I thought it was an important one to write and share. I was approached by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to write a blog post…

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Goodbye, For Now…

I am sitting at my cubicle, surrounded by baby photos, frames, note pads, pens, a calendar and a jar of peanut butter. I just took this stuff out of a box 9 months ago!! Now, here I am, packing it…

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